Because We Grow Cannabis

Odor / VOC Mitigation


The greenhouse will be sealed to preclude interior odor escaping to the outside atmosphere. Air within the structure will be regularly scrubbed to remove 85% of all VOCs, pollutants, molds and odor. All air exhausted to the exterior, when needed, will be passed through highly effective industrial grade carbon filters, as the final cleansing of the air.

Noise Control


Strict County requirements do not allow equipment sound levels above 65 decibels beyond our property line. Equivalent to a quiet conversation. Our decibel levels will be significantly lower than 65 decibels.

Landscape Screening


Screening of the facility from public and private view will be through six foot high wood fencing and the planting of Thuja Trees that will quickly grow to a height of 20'-30' within five years.

Security Fencing


Our facility will be surrounded by a 6' high redwood stockade fence that will be seen from the outside of the property. The landscape screening plants will be on the inside of the fence to allow for maintenance of the screening trees.

Light Deprivation


When supplemental lighting is needed, light deprivation curtains close out all light emission to the night sky. Total black out. There will be no outside lights on the facility. Only motion sensor security lights.

LED Lighting


Our plants will love our state-of-the-art LED grow lights. Uses substantially less energy than conventional high wattage grow lights, yet provides the exact light spectrum needed for robust growth.

Security Lighting


There will be shaded exterior security lights on our building. Motion sensing security equipment will send an alert to us and local law enforcement if an unauthorized person is in the secured area.

Energy Offsets

We will offset 100% of the current residential electric use with solar electric.

We will offset 100% of our current residential  electricity use with solar panels.

Water Conservation


Our Aeroponic System uses 90% less water than conventional growing systems. Our dehumidification system will recover 85% or more of the water taken up by plants. Resulting in a nearly closed loop of water use. What water is used will be supplied from our new onsite water well.



Commercial deliveries out from the site will be 1-2 van size vehicles twice per month. Deliveries to the site will be 1-2 small UPS or FedEx trucks per month for nutrients and other supplies.

Daily Employee Arrivals


We project a maximum of 15 employees. Seven are family. One will be working offsite. 8-10 of our company will reside onsite in the existing residence. 4-5 employees will arrive and depart daily during a 6 day work week.

Access to Parcel


We have deeded access to our main arterial road. It is a newly paved driveway that serves our 5 acre parcel and the 5 acre parcel behind us.